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SOC - DDoS Solutions

O SOC Anti-DDoS da Sage Networks é o serviço ideal para quem sofre ataques complexos ou pretende comercializar suas soluções de Anti-DDoS.

Conte conosco para monitorar sua infraestrutura, operar seu scrubbing center e te ajudar com desafios complexos relacionados a ataques DDoS.

See what we can do for your company

Preventive actions

Periodic meetings to adopt and review good network practices against DDoS attacks

Adoption of measures to reduce side effects

Generation of DDoS-related KPIs

Creation of personalized dashboards for real-time monitoring of attacks

Commercial assistance for reselling the Anti-DDoS service

Analysis and prevention of impacts caused by DDoS in the legal and marketing spheres

Creation of contingency plan

Training and awareness of the company's internal teams

Guidance on Disaster Recovery in Attack Scenarios

Reactive Actions

Support and implementation of mitigation equipment from various manufacturers

Support and implementation of detection systems from different manufacturers

Assistance in interactions with third-party mitigation services in case of problems

Support for local mitigation of company customers

Development of vaccines against new DDoS attack vectors

Containment of attack leaks.

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