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Our specialists

Daniel Damito

Daniel Damito - CEO of Sage Networks

Daniel Damito has a bachelor's and master's degree in Computer Networks, focusing on routing and anti-DDoS security. In addition to being the founder of Sage Networks, he also contributes to the Internet community by producing content for initiatives such as the BPF (Brazil Peering Forum).


Thiago Ayub - Chief Technology Officer

Ayub witnessed the arrival of the internet in Brazil: in 1995, he witnessed the transformation of BBS into the first dial-up providers and has since worked in the operation and engineering of ISPs, data centers, and DDoS mitigation. He is a technology columnist, runs a YouTube channel about the internet itself, and serves as the CTO at Sage Networks.

Implementation of IPV6

Next Generation Firewall (NGF)

Installation and support for DNS servers

Security analysis

Network documentation

Installation and support for SYSLOG servers

CGNAT configuration and support

PPPoE/IPoE configuration

MTU and MSS adjustments

Network monitoring

Implementation and support for BGP

24x7 support, with rapid response

Support for major market manufacturers

Implementation and support for MPLS

CGNAT logs

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