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Cloud Mitigation - DDoS Solutions

Traffic cleaning and mitigation of large-scale and highly complex DDoS attacks remotely in the Sage Networks cloud, without the need for local equipment on your own network.

How does our cloud work?

You advertise your attacked
prefixes to us via BGP.
Your work ends here

Your traffic stops arriving
via unsafe routes and starts
coming via Sage.

Sage's global network will mitigate
the attack distributed across
each of its points of presence
around the world.

Your mitigated traffic will be
delivered to you, without
you doing anything else.

Solution Features

Real-time dashboard

While our Artificial Intelligence monitors and protects your infrastructure, track attacks in real time on our dashboard.

painel tempo real

No attacks?
Use our IP transit!

Use our services as an IP transit even when there is no attack in progress.

sem ataques

How to contact us

We are present in the main points of presence (IX’s) and data centers in Brazil and around the world. If you are not present at any of these points, have our mitigation using your current IP transit.

Solution Differences

Low latency and few side effects

Own very high capacity infrastructure

BGP Flowspec support

Automatic mitigation in up to 3 seconds

Burstable Links / On Demand / 95th Percentile

Nosso ASN está entre os 10 mais bem conectados do Brasil e entre os 70 maiores do mundo

Contact us

Send your contact details and one of our experts will get in touch as soon as possible.