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Automatic Detection - DDoS Solutions

In-depth network traffic analysis solution, with detection and diversion technology for DDoS attack traffic, capable of cleaning various attacks locally via BGP FlowSpec.

Solution Features

Fully Automated Detection

Fully automatic Detection, diversion, orchestration and mitigation system via FlowSpec, eliminating the need for analysis and human interaction.


Traffic cleaning via
BGP FlowSpec

The tool is capable of identifying attack patterns and sending mitigation rules via BGP FlowSpec.


Smart Decision Making

Pre-define the actions to combat attacks to be taken automatically based on your business rules. You can customize these actions according to your company’s specific criteria. 


Technical Training Included

Your team will receive technical training from Sage Networks' networking and anti-DDoS experts to make the best use of the system.


Focus on your business, leave the detection to us

We take care of the implementation, licensing, support, backup, monitoring and support of your tool. Your company can focus on what is important for your business and leave the entire detection ecosystem to Sage Networks.


Solution Differences

Automatic diversion to mitigation cloud

Local mitigation with Flowspec*

Automatic blackhole in extreme cases

Customization by category of IPs, services, ASNs or customers

Custom Dashboard

With access permissions differentiated by user groups

Attack reports

Volumetrics, ports, destination IPs and sampling of source IPs

Using the Wanguard tool

Customized by Sage Networks


Allows the integration of other mitigation tools subject to availability.

Cost reduction with mitigation equipment

Avoiding the use of high-cost equipment to clean up low-complexity attacks.

*This mitigation is restricted to the possibilities of the tool, the Flowspec protocol and the resources supported by the router. For full mitigation, see “Cloud Mitigation".

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